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Crescent CTK148MP 148-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set review

Crescent CTK148MP 148-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set

A good set of tools has a wide variation of sizes across both standards and several additional specialized bits mixed with some combination of other needed tools such as pliers and quality combination wrenches. It also helps if the price is right and you can pick them up nearby or through the mail. Crescent (otherwise known as Cooper Hand Tools) has made their products available at a wide array of hardware stores and at many sites online. The CTK148MP 148-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set stands as a rather complete kit from this budget manufacturer, let’s see what it gets.

Crescent put together their best sockets, quick-release ratchets, driver bits, combination wrenches and other hands tools – 148 of them, in case it’s not obvious – to create the CTK148MP. Contained in the set are ¼, 3/8, and ½-inch 72-tooth, quick-release ratchet drivers, 70 Metric and SAE sockets for use with them, 44 bit driver sockets, 18 hex keys, various extensions for those tough to get spots, spark plug sockets, six combination wrenches, two pairs of cutting pliers, magnetic screwdrivers, a magnetic bit driver, and a plastic ‘cathedral-door’ case with a carrying handle. With a list of tools like that, the intention of this set is obvious – the Crescent CTK148MP mechanic’s tool set is sold for someone with industrial-grade work to complete, and the average homeowner or apartment dweller would be hard pressed to find a more appropriately crafted tool kit.

The complete list of the 148 parts in the Crescent CTK148MP:

(5x) ½-inch 6-point sockets – SAE, (5x) ½-inch 6-point sockets – metric, ½-inch socket five-inch extension, (8x) 3/8-inch 12-point sockets – SAE, (8x) 3/8-inch 12-point sockets – metric, (5x) 3/8-inch 6-point deep sockets – SAE, (5x) 3/8-inch 6-point deep sockets – metric, 5/8-inch spark plug 3/8-inch socket, 13/16-inch spark plug 3/8-inch socket, 3/8-inch socket three-inch extension, 3/8-inch socket six-inch extension, 3/8-inch (female) to ¼-inch (male) adapter, (10x) ¼-inch 6-point sockets – SAE, (10x) ¼-inch 6-point sockets – metric, ¼-inch socket three-inch extension, ½-inch 72-Tooth Quick-release Ratchet Drive, 3/8-inch 72-Tooth Quick-release Ratchet Drive, ¼-inch 72-Tooth Quick-release Ratchet Drive, 8" Long Nose Cutting Pliers, 6" Diagonal Cutting Pliers, MAGNETIC Screwdrivers: 1/4" x 4" Slotted, 3/16" x 3" Slotted, #2 x 4" Phillips®, #1 x 3" Phillips®, Dura-Driver™ MAGNETIC Bit Driver, (44x) 1" Driver its with Holders: Phillips®, Slotted, Torx® and Hex, (18x) SAE Hex Keys with Holder, and a Plastic, Cathedral Door, Storage Case with Handle

All tools in the Crescent CTK148MP mechanic’s tool set meet or exceed ANSI and ASME standards and come with a “full satisfaction guarantee.” Thus, Crescent produces tools that meet the need for rigorous utilization without failing and the company stands behind what they manufacture.

Though it is only minor in the grand scheme, it is worth mentioning that the bi-fold case which the Crescent CTK148MP mechanic’s tool set ships with has some nicely-designed raised-letter identification information for where each tool is to be stored; that makes it very easy to locate the right sized tool you need as soon as you open it up. The tools are strong, durable and comfortable to use, and they have the right professional look. There is some limitation in the size assortment of the sockets, but this kit is for a broad application, not specific projects, and it suits that purpose well. The one area where this kit does have a problem is with the adhesive used for the magnets – they come off far too easily and must be secured in place again. Overall, the Crescent CTK148MP mechanic’s tool set is exactly what one would get from a kit costing much more, and it should hold up quite well during its lifetime.

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