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Apollo Precision Tools DT1241 95-Piece Mechanics Tool Kit review

Apollo Precision Tools DT1241 95-Piece Mechanics Tool Kit

Apollo Precision Tools does not have the famous name of some others out there, but their reach is rather widespread and diverse. They can be found at department stores and auto parts stores as well as big retailers and online; their brand can be found nearly everywhere in North America. Since this is all about tools for mechanics, both busy and occasional, looking at the most popular of what our subject company offers in that category makes some sense. Here is the Apollo Precision Tools DT1241 95-Piece Mechanics Tool Kit…

The Apollo Precision Tools DT1241 mechanic’s tool kit has a tool for almost any eventuality. Since mechanics often need an enormous variety of sized and shaped implements, the group at Apollo decided to do their best to include the necessities for working on any motor vehicle whether it has one, two, three or more wheels. Inside this kit are the usual ¼ and 3/8 inch drive ratchets, obligatory extensions and over 30 sockets – ¼ and 3/8 inch sizes, SAE and Metric – bit drivers and numerous bits, 10 combination wrenches, screwdrivers, hex keys, and much more. The tools are all made of either 45C carbon or chrome vanadium steel, meet or exceed ANSI standards, and come with the now industry standard lifetime warranty. Everything the home mechanic or handyman needs is included in the Apollo Precision Tools DT1241 mechanic’s tool kit.

Here is the complete list of what is contained within the Apollo Precision Tools DT1241 95-piece mechanic’s tool kit:

(1x) 3/8-inch drive ratchet handle, (1x) 1/4-inch drive ratchet handle, (1x) 3/8-inch x 3-inch drive extension bar, (1x) 3/8-inch drive x 13/16-inch spark plug socket, (1x) 3/8-inch drive x 5/8-inch spark plug socket, (12x) 3/8-inch drive sockets, (1x) 3/8-inch drive 1/4-inch adapter, (20x) 1/4-inch drive sockets, (1x) ratcheting bit driver, (20x) 1-inch bits, (8x) metric hex keys, (8x) SAE hex keys, (5x) metric combination wrenches, (5x) SAE combination wrenches, (2x) 8-inch adjustable wrenches, (1x) wire brush, (1x) slotted precision screwdriver, (1x) Phillips precision screwdriver, (1x) 6-inch long needle-nose pliers, (1x) 6-inch diagonal pliers, (1x) tire gauge, (1x) 12V voltage tester, (1x) 3/8-inch wire stripper/crimper, and (1x)

They say that variety is often a good thing, and in this case that holds fairly true. Apollo Precision Tools’ DT 1241 mechanic’s tool kit has almost everything covered. The hand tools are made of quality materials and they feel sturdy enough to take on heavy-duty projects regularly. The added items in this 95-piece set do function well enough to be used reliably, but some of the extras do have their limitations. After all, this kit is aimed at the home mechanic, not a shop owner. Apollo has done an admirable job with this multi-purpose gathering of tools. This set could suffice as a singular set for making repairs around the house too. You might find yourself looking for a size not included in this set, but you can always supplement. Overall, the Apollo Precision Tools DT1241 mechanic’s tool kit is a good deal with a very wide usefulness factor; it is well worth considering if you have no other tool kit.

Suggested retail – as if it is ever sold at this price – for the Apollo Precision Tools DT1241 95-piece mechanic’s tool kit is somewhere near US$70 – and, as usual, you can shave around $20 off of that at most stores, so look around before you purchase.

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