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Your Helpful Guide to Buying Mechanics Tools

Many things in this life are complex and have no hard-and-fast – and simple - answer, most things are vague or somewhere within shades of gray. You have certainly chosen a ‘lesser of two evils’ once or twice, we all have. Tools have some of these qualities, not in their construction or use, but in the choice of which ones you will need and those which you should then own. Buying mechanic’s tool sets can be a difficult process since the tool you need will almost always be the one you don’t have. Put another way: you can’t really know until you are actually working on a project, knee deep in oil and grease, nose imbedded in an old shop manual, and figure out that the tool you are reaching for is not yet owned by you. Here on this site we have some help for you with making a decision on the set of mechanic’s tools which will suit your purpose – and needs – best.

What do you need?

First things are always first. If you have a specific vehicle to work on, consulting a service manual, or one of the many large publishers’ guides, will have many helpful ‘required tools’ lists depending on how far you will dig into things. However, should you be looking to work on a wide range of projects, it will be best to go with a larger set of mechanic’s tools to cover as many possibilities, and have the broadest selection of socket sizes and bits, as possible with what you can afford.

That is the simple process by which you will determine the most apropos set. Look it up and make a list, then consult the detailed information available within the reviews here.

Most mechanic’s tool sets have the same ‘core’ set of parts that all will share. One example would be the ¼ and 3/8 inch ratchets and matching sockets – virtually all kits include both. Outside of those central pieces are additional tools which will be different between set models. Simply find the one set which has the tools you know you will need now that you have gathered that information. Of course, with mechanic’s tool sets, you will need to shop around for a good price, too – don’t buy them at the first place you see them.

What do you want?

The ‘want’ part of buying some mechanic’s tools will always depend on what you want to do, and what you can afford, to some degree. Most of us would likely go with the lease and/or buy process offered by the professional-grade tool companies that drive around their fancy trucks and come to you, but few can afford such things. Knowing what you need gets you to look around; your plans for future projects and the size of your wallet help you take the next steps. Here, on this website, you will see what is available and how it matches what you have on your mind.

Of course, there is something to be said for having a set of mechanic’s tools which you like to use, so ergonomic choices do make a difference. Get the right feel and you will do better work. In the end, buy the mechanic’s tool set that has what you want as well as what you need…at a good price!

Make the decision to buy that which you have decided upon…

The last part of the process is the easiest in this modern world – simply buy mechanic’s tool set you decided on at a local retailer or at an online shop. You are done!

Take good care of your set of mechanic’s tools and they will take good care of you…

Allied 49036 206-Piece Mechanics Tool Set with Metal Tool Box
Allied 49036 206-Piece Mechanics Tool Set with Metal Tool Box ....The largest part of the Allied 49036 206-piece mechanic’s tool set is the bit which gets noticed first no matter how you acquire one – the metal toolbox. ... read more

Craftsman 35255 255 Piece Mechanics Tool Set
Craftsman 35255 255 Piece Mechanics Tool Set ....The Craftsman 35255 255-Piece Mechanics Tool Set is a good place to start for both those who buy the big ‘C’ regularly and.... read more

Craftsman 36106 106 Piece Mechanics Tool Set
Craftsman 36106 106 Piece Mechanics Tool Set ....Though the Craftsman 36106 106-piece mechanic’s tool set is placed within a rather small and conveniently packaged plastic case, don’t think it is short on contents..... read more

Stanley 92-824 69-Piece Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket Set
Stanley 92-824 69-Piece Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket Set... Black chrome tools will always look cool, set your tools apart from others, and will not noticeably dull with use. The Stanley 92-824 socket set feels as good in the hands as it looks.... read more

Stanley 91-988 201-Piece Mechanics Tool Set
Stanley 91-988 201-Piece Mechanics Tool Set... Stanley builds the contents of the 91-988 Mechanics Tool Set of the common and very durable chrome vanadium – also helping them to meet or exceed the ANSI standard.... read more

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